Budget Info

Mesa County Valley School District 51 adopts a budget each year based on funding allocated from state, local, and federal tax revenue and grant funding. In 2016-17, the state’s school funding formula is sending the district $7,042 per student in state and local tax revenue. District 51 gets nearly $400 less per student than the state average of $7,413, according to the Colorado Department of Education. Other facts about our budget and funding:

* District 51 has cut $41 million from its budget since 2009-10 due to state budget constraints, the state’s Negative Factor, and meeting student-related needs, such as hiring more special needs teachers and implementing early intervention programs for drug-related suspension and truancy. See the full list here.

* Colorado ranks 16th nationwide in per capita local and state tax pending for police and fire services, 19th for corrections, and 24th for higher education spending. For public K-12 schools spending, Colorado ranks 38th in the U.S. (Source: 2012-13, U.S. Census Bureau).

* District 51 ties for 165th place in Colorado for funding per student. Just five school districts earn less: Academy 20, Branson, Poudre, Thompson, and Widefield (Source: Colorado Department of Education).

* The average cost of living in District 51 is $49,794 (Source: 2015, Colorado Legislative Council Staff). Average teacher pay in District 51 is $48,269 (Source: 2015-16, Colorado Department of Education).

* District 51 has trimmed 7.6 percent of its workforce since 2009-10, including nearly a third of Central Administrators (47.21 FTE superintendent, directors, executive directors and coordinators down to 32.6).