D51 elementary school Book Rooms, classroom libraries getting nearly 280,000 new books

Grand Junction, CO – District 51 elementary schools are getting a long-needed update with 279,048 children’s books for their Book Rooms and classroom libraries. Delivery of the new books begins Tuesday, May 30, 2017, and the restocked Book Rooms and classroom bookshelves will be ready at all 24 District 51 elementary schools in time for school to begin Aug. 16, 2017.

The new books include:

  • 187,200 literature and informative texts (six copies each of 1,300 different titles will go to each of the 24 elementary Book Rooms: 6 x 1,300 x 24 = 187,200)
  • 66,048 independent reading books (256 for each of the district’s 60 kindergarten, 66 first-grade, 66 second-grade, and 66 third-grade classrooms: 256 x 258 = 66,048)
  • 12,900 read-aloud literature books (set of 50 for each classroom K-3: 50 x 258 = 12,900)
  • 12,900 read-aloud informative texts (set of 50 for each classroom K-3: 50 x 258 = 12,900)

The $1.5 million worth of new books are being purchased through READ Act funding. READ Act funding is provided by the state to each Colorado school district and must be used solely for early literacy materials, assessments, planning/training, and interventions. Districts cannot use READ Act dollars to purchase books and materials for middle and high school students or to update curriculum with textbooks and materials for other subjects.

Book Rooms are storage areas in each building where teachers can find multiple copies of the same books for their classes, while classroom libraries are shelves of books kept in a particular classroom. District 51 and Scholastic recently partnered to perform a Comprehensive Gap Analysis that showed there is a great need to replenish free-reading materials in the elementary schools’ Book Rooms; the last time most Book Rooms received an update was 2006-07. The new titles will be more up-to-date for our learners and appropriate for all reading levels.