From the April Newsletter: Vision for D51 school system approved thanks to your input

Grand Junction, CO – District 51 Board members voted 5-0 earlier this month to approve the following Vision Statement for District 51:

“Engage, Equip and Empower our learning community today for a limitless tomorrow.”

What does it mean?

Engage learners where they are individually and guide them on a challenging path at their own pace.

Equip learners with the educational tools they need to succeed as lifelong learners and community members.

Empower learners to find their own place in life and feel their education has prepared them for every stage of life.

Our learning community encompasses everyone and everything involved in learning – students, educators, parents, school environment, etc. What we do today should pave the way for future graduates to leave school prepared for any challenge.


How was the vision created?

The vision was created through a year-and-a-half-long process that involved gathering input from 16 stakeholder groups and hosting two community meetings this past fall with nearly 50 attendees. A subgroup of school staff and community members created a draft vision by condensing input from these gatherings into one statement: “Engage, Equip, and Empower our learning community today for an unlimited tomorrow.”


How was the vision vetted by the community?

The survey was sent in an email to all district parents and staff, and 30 paper copies were delivered to all D51 middle and high schools for students to complete. The survey link was also shared on social media and in newsletters.

The final vision, which changed “unlimited” to “limitless” came from the input offered by the survey’s 2,143 respondents. Students in particular preferred limitless over unlimited.

The survey found 83 percent of participants approved of the first part of the statement – Engage, Equip, and Empower – without changes, 10 percent liked some but not all of those words, 5 percent would make changes, and 2 percent didn’t like those three words at all. Fifty-two percent of survey respondents approved of the latter part of the vision, 29 percent approved of it with the change from “unlimited” to “limitless,” 6 percent would prefer to remove “today,” 6 percent would change it in some other way, and 7 percent would have removed it entirely.


How will the vision be used?

The vision will serve as a reference point for decision-makers during strategic planning in the district for at least the next five years. This spring and summer, the D51 School Board will adopt a list of behaviors and core work needed to make the vision a reality.